Friday, October 17, 2014

My plans are not always Gods plans!

Well I think God's finally made it plain that he wants me at MissionTV!
After talking to Jon Wood this week, it looks like I'll be there sometime in November!

It's something I was not expecting to be doing this year but like I've said,when God calls you to something, you better do it!

Something I've learned is that my plans are not always Gods plans!  

Like this last year when God called me to canvassing. It was something I really did not want to do but I did it because God was calling me to it. And after I went canvassing I released what he was trying to tell me, and when I think back I'm so glad that I did what he called me to do!

I think that in the long run, God is trying to teach me to listen and to be willing to go where he wants me to go!

After working at MissionTV My plans are to go to Thailand. I was really planning on going this year but I think that God wanted me to do something else and right now that seems to be working in a studio.

I would appreciate your prays as I start this new adventure with God!

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  1. God always has the perfect plan! MissionTV "home base" is close to where I live currently, and I know the Woods--it's a great ministry and you will learn a lot! Keeping you in prayers!