Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How long?

Have you ever been waiting for something and it just seems like it will never come?

Well I have!

This last month I've been trying to get a job before I plan to go too Thailand, and it just seems that there are no jobs that are any good, other then pushing shopping carts at Walmart or something.

I've talked to people that I know that have there own businesses and they say that things are slowing down for the winter and that there would be work next year.

So I've just been praying that God would work something out for me.

Well I think God may have had other plans then me working to make lots of money. 

Well out of the blue Jon Wood at MissionTV contacted me about working there with them at the studio!

So I think that God maybe trying to say that I need to work for God in stead of working in the world!

So I've sent off my application and am praying that God will work out what he wants for me!