Monday, May 26, 2014

The last day......

I couple days ago, I was outside looking at a house where someone inside would not get to see the sun of the next day. This was it, the last night.

As I stood looking at the house, the thought went through my mind: what if it were me? What if it was it for me, my last night, would I be ready? Would I be able to say goodbye to those I love? What impression would I leave behind? Would people be able to say, ‘he did all he could do for others’?

But for Mr. Neal it was it, his last night. It was over.
There was no turning back, it was over.
His life had been spent.

What if it were your last day? Would you be ready to say good-bye?

Would people be able to say, he or she did all that they could do?

What would be your record? 

When Jesus comes would he be able to say, well-done, good and faithful servant enter into my joy.

Would He be able to say, he or she did all that I asked them to do?

Would Jesus be able to say that you fed the hungry, and clothed the naked, and told others about me?

What would be your record?

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  1. I am at peace with where I am at yet always striving to save more souls. Noting is more important for us. Nothing!