Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Never wait!!

It was a nice evening. The sun was just setting as a man was walking back to his car.

He had just walked back from the ATM.

As he was almost to his car, a guy jumped out of nowhere and began to beat him up.

It was obvious that if there was no one to help him that the outcome would not have been good!!

But thankfully there was a guy, a homeless man, that was walking that could not pass by someone that was in trouble!

Soon there were two homeless men there, trying to get the guy off of the man. Soon the man that attacked the man was running away on foot.

Like always, there were people that were standing by, just looking, not willing to do anything to help the business man that was going to perish.

Often times I wonder how often we just stand by just watching as someone struggles, fearing that we may get hurt, or that we may lose something ourselves.

But what if that was you there on that street corner getting beaten up? Would you want someone to step in and help?

Its the same way with people that don't know God. They live in fear not knowing that there is a God that cares about every move they make. But as they live in fear we stand by saying, I don't want to take any chances on my own life.

When Jesus comes's will we hear people say, 'why did you never tell me about Jesus? Why did you not tell me of His love and His saving power?'
What will we have to say?
What will be your answer?
 It never pays off to wait to help someone in need!!    

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  1. So true! We often put ourselves first instead of God! I love your blogposts! They're straight to the point and I can tell you mean it!