Monday, April 14, 2014

All done!!

All done canvassing! WOW! I cant believe it. all done!

Its been a long couple of months, but now its over!

I think that God was preparing me through the canvassing work for something bigger in life!

If you have ever been canvassing before, then you knew the feeling of being done!! Its kinda a love hate thing, but I still think that everyone needs the growing experience of canvassing in life!

But now that canvassing is over, I feel that God is calling me to the mission field full time!

As some of you all know that Schane and I were talking about going to Thailand sometime this year, well its now happening! We are planing to go sometime around the first of September! We'll see where God leads from there!! Just keep it in prayer that God will lead!

I'll try to post more, I've been so busy lately! Right now I have to go get to work on the new promo video I'm working on for the school. Keep that in prayer too!!


  1. God be with you in your new venture for the Lord.

  2. Praise God! Continue in His righteousness! I praise God that you,Schane and Courtney are heeding to the call of the Holy Spirit and venturing into the foreign missions. Continue to live by Faith through Jesus Christ!

  3. God is good! I'm happy for you! I might be going to Thailand in October or there abouts. Not sure yet. Might get to see you guys. Praying for you all! :)