Sunday, January 26, 2014

This last Sabbath we went out to feed the homeless again, as we went out we came up to a group of homeless people and immediately I asked if they were hungry, immediately my bags of food was gone and some hungry people were happily eating!!

So we stayed there for some time talking to the people there, soon we needed to get going back and we got in a little group when a young man walked up, He began to tell us that he was looking for is girl friend that had gone astray and was living out on the streets!

He told us that he had been out looking for her for about three weeks, and then he said in a hushed tone, could you pray for me that I’ll find her?

So we said,  “yes we’ll pray for you right now!”

So we all got around and prayed for this man, after the prayer, tears ran down his face, we gave him hugs and shook his hand and told him we would be praying for him!

And then we left him.

Thinking back, I may never see that man again, a may never know what happened to him, we may never know if he was about to give up hope on life, and then we came along and gave him some kind of hope on life, we may never know what kind of impact we may have had on that young man!

But how many people do we pass every day that are looking for someone that care’s about them?

Like the story of the Good Samaritan, will we pass by on the other side or will we stop and help like Jesus would have done?

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