Friday, November 8, 2013

Am I ready to die?

Have you ever come across a car wreck?  Have you ever come across one of those wrecks were there is those white sheets?

When I come across one of those wrecks, I always feel really bad, knowing that some one has died there.

This year, I was reading about a car loaded with teenagers that were traveling down the road, they thought that all was well, they were having fun, they were young, they did not know what was before them, death was before them, were they ready for it?
But the time had come, for all but two of them, before long something happened, and there car went flying into a swamp, killing about 5 or 6 of them, some drowned, but were they ready to die?

If I was to die today would I be ready?

When I was about 2, my family and I were fencing our property, while I was playing with the dog, which was by a 15 foot drop off, some how I got too close to that drop off, and the dog bumped into me, which sent me over it. When I hit, my head was right by a rock.

What if that was my last day, would I have been ready?

Or what about the time when a log all but hit my head…

Would I have been ready to die?

Have I told others about Jesus, have I made things right with those that I have wronged?

Have I lived for others?

Am I ready to die?

What about that man or woman that I passed at the store, has some one told them about the love of God?

Do I say, ‘someone else will tell them about Jesus.’

Or what about that man, holding that sign by the road, who will tell him?

Would I die hoping that some one else will tell him?

Have I been a light to a dark world, living in sin?

If I knew that Jesus was going to come today, would I be living any different?

If I was to die today, would I be ready?
I think that we need to live like today may be the end!

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