Friday, November 15, 2013

I’m just a spec of dust, on a planet.

Life is fragile.

I’m just a spec of dust, on a planet.

What I’m I doing with that spec of dust?

Am I doing what I want to do, or am I doing what God wants?

Am I telling others about that God that saves lives, and that brings hope to those that are living in darkness?

Am I telling others that there is something to live for?

There are people that are taking their lives because they don’t know the God that I know?

Am I holding back what I know because I’m too afraid to tell others, for fear of rejecting?

If I was walking across a street, and I did not see a car that was about to hit me, wouldn’t I like it if some one told me that there was a car coming?

I’m I telling people that there is a car coming?

The people that I walk by, do they know that God that I know?

When Jesus comes, am I going to hear the people I work with or my neighbors say, why did you not tell me, why?

Life only last for a short time, that person that I pass going into the store, I may never see again.

Would I be able to say to God, I’ve done all that I can do, I’ve told others about you, I’ve fed the homeless I’ve helped the widows, I’ve done all that I could do.

Would I be able to say that?

There was a story of a little girl, that was walking on a beach piking up starfish that had been washed up on the beach by the tide, and was throwing them back into the sea, and a man came along and said, why are you throwing those starfish back into the sea, for there is way to much to throw back, you will never get them all back. Then that little girl picked one up and threw it back into the sea and said back to the man, I bet it made a difference to that one!

We may never be able to tell the whole world that there is a God that loves them dearly, and that died for them, but the people we do tell makes a difference to them!!

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