Wednesday, January 21, 2015

As I start a new year in my life.....

Before I start, I want to thank all of you who made my birthday special!

The last three days here at MissionTV we've been spending much time in prayer for God's will to be done in our decisions. For me it's been a big eye opener! It's made me realize my need for God and that we need him more then we think.

For example, this last year when I went canvassing I felt like I needed God but I thought it really wouldn't be that hard to canvas on my own strength. But when I knocked on that first door I realized that I needed God more then I would have ever thought.

What would have happen if I would have just gone out there and thought I could have done it on my own?

Without God we can't do anything of ourselves. We need Him more then we think!

What would have happened if the disciples would have not taken Jesus with them in their hearts as they went about telling others about God? I'm sure that it wouldn't have been a good story or very effective.

As I start a new year in my life I want to be walking side by side with the One who made me and the One who loves me more then anyone in this world. But most of all I want you to spend more time with God. I want God to be the center of your life.

As I reflect on the years I've been in this world, I can see how the devil has wanted me dead.
But the good thing is that God was not done with me and that's why I'm still here!

God has a plan for us all, and all we have to do is follow Him.

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