Friday, September 5, 2014

Life or death, heaven or hell…

Life or death, heaven or hell…

I have noticed something lately. And that is that I’m getting too comfortable in America!

I’ve been teetering on becoming successful in life and making the American dream come true.

I’ve been given opportunities though. Be a successful person, or lay all aside, the American life style, and become homeless as some may say. But wasn’t Jesus kind of homeless?

I was watching some mission videos lately and while watching them, I realized that slowly but surely I was slipping into the life style that I vowed I’d never do.

All I can say, is that if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.

What do you think I should do?

Do you think I should just keep going as if nothing was wrong?

You know, making money and wanting to make it in the world is really not that bad of a thing!

But like I’ve heard so many times from other people, “when I get ahead in life and when I get my big house, then I’ll do something for God”.

But what if I were to never see that day? Or what if I got caught up in life and forgot about God and the reason I’m here in this old world?

Who would go for that guy up in the jungle that’s dying? Or that little kid that’s never heard of God. That’s never known what true love is.

Would I say while I’m here in my comfortable house, on my nice Wi-Fi, “I hope someone helps that guy”.

It’s life or death, being successful or being homeless.

But the reward is beyond words!!

So now I wait on God to show me what to do.

As some of you all knew, God did not lead me to Thailand this year but I think he’s telling me to wait and get ready to go next year!

All in God’s timing!  


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