Sunday, December 22, 2013

That shepherd is Jesus, and we are the sheep!

On Thursday The 19th one of our dogs came up missing.
So on Friday I went looking for her, all day I was out looking for her to no avail.
Along my way I found some traps, that got me a little worried that she my have gotten caught in one of them!!

While me and our other dog were out looking for her, till after dark, it got me thinking while I was out there, how God looks for us when we are lost out in the world, and how he does not give up till he finds us!!

While I was out there in the cold snow, it really made me think how much God does not want us to get caught in the traps of the world, and how much He longs to find us, and help us up out of the pit that we are in!!

Oh what a God we serve!!

Like the parable of the shepherd and the sheep, when there was only one that was missing he was willing to stay out all night to look for the one that was not there, He was willing to miss dinner, and he was willing to do all it took to find that one sheep that was not there!

That shepherd is Jesus, and we are the sheep!

How much do we get lost in sin and cause God to be out looking for us all night?

Well we have not found her yet!

Schane and I were out all day today looking for her, And still no dog.
So just keep praying that we will find out where she is, or what happened to her!


  1. So sorry you lost your dog! I hope you find it!
    What a good object lesson! Jesus loves us so much, that He's willing to go through any hardship to save us!

  2. She has been gone now for more than a week, I dont think that she's going to come home.
    We still have our german shepherd, he's a good dog!!
    Yeah there are so many lessons that we can learn from the things of life!!