Wednesday, December 4, 2013

 Today, Dec 3rd, a man came to our home selling vacuums.
For about an hour, he told us all about this thing.

I don’t think he could have told us more about this vacuum!

But then he told us how much they were: $2800. WOW! That’s what I thought!!

But then he began to tell us that he’s been selling them to Adventists.

That made me think!

How much would that do in the mission field?

That made me think more, how many hungry people would that feed, or how many would be able to know Jesus for $2800?

How could we look at this and still want a $2800 vacuum?

What would be more satisfying, a vacuum, or a soul saved for God?

What are we doing with what God has given us?
Are we wasting it on foolish things, or are we doing what God has told us to do, “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel”?

I was watching a video of Thailand and how they had like no literature for the people there, and how they were longing to have literature for the people there, but they had no money.
I know that Thailand is not the only place that needs literature, but while people are starving for the gospel, we are buying vacuums.

Is it just me or is something wrong?

Right now I’m trying to put money together for going to Thailand next year, And for going canvasing in FEB. $2800 would be more then enough!

You know it’s not only vacuums that we are wasting money on, what about buying a new car, or new clothes all the time, or going to extravagant restaurants.

We may have money, and we may not be thinking about how we spend it, I know that I need to be more careful how I spend money, but what we need to remember is that it’s Gods money, not ours!


  1. You are a wise young man Aaron. I appreciate your posts.

  2. What a thought! How often we spend money on things we don't need! Thanks for sharing this! This is what Adventist Americans need to hear!

    1. Thats right Blake!! We need to deny self.