Friday, August 23, 2013

What does it mean to be a christian?

For some it mean that you go to church on Sabbath.

I've now some people that think that being a christian mean that thy don't drink or smoke.

But what does it mean for me?

I've lived a life of, what can I get for my self or what can I become or what kind of car can I get or what kind of house can I get.

But in the last year or two I've changed my mind, to me being a christian means that I can't just go to church and be a good church goer but that I need to go to work!!

But what kind of work?

For me I don't know what god wants me to do or where he wants me to go but one thing I know is that I'm needed, and you are needed to!

One thing that I know is that I'm tired of living the life of a typical American!!

There is not any better joy than working for god!!

If you don't used the fire that God gives you for the lives of others, then you'll lose it!

Will you go to work for God?

There’s people dying that don't know God.

How long will we wait?

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