Saturday, March 7, 2015

Always on the move.....

I'm sure that if you read my last blog then your probably wondering where I'm at now. Well at the moment I'm in Montana in a travel trailer with my parents for the Sabbath. 

It's been a beautiful day!

This last month my parents sold there house so I'm helping them with moving to Alaska. 

After that I have a job back east so that's where I'll probably be till God moves me on somewhere else. 

All of this moving has had me thinking. Why is it that God keeps moving us? 
In my life, me and my family have moved more then I can count. 

I've moved my self this last year many times. 

Well if you think about it, Jesus was always on the move. He was always going about helping people and leaving a example for us to follow. 

I think the lesson is that if we stay in one spot to long, we start to get to comfortable with life and we tend to forget why we are here. 

I appreciate all of your prayers!! I know God has a plan for me. So all I need to do now is follow his will and do what he tells me!

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