Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Policeman walked up to his window.....

A man, driving home from work one day, was tired, he had had a long day at work, and he was ready to get home and relax!

As he was going down the highway, his speed began to climb and climb! Before long he was going way over the speed limit!

And like always, he came around a corner in the road and there in full view was a police car, and as soon as he went past, the police car pulled in behind him!

Before long he was pulling off the road, as the policeman walked up to his window, he then realized that he go’s to church with the police officer! He began to have all kind of excuses, but before long the policeman was walking back to his car, and the man was sure that he was writing him up for going too fast. Before long he was back at his window, he gave him a piece of paper and told him he could go!

He was feeling so bad that one of the members of the church that he go’s to, pulled him over and gave him a…  Wait! This is not a ticket! He stopped the car and read the paper.

After reading it, he soon found out that a man that was going to fast on his way home from work hit that policeman’s littlie girl!

Oh, he was feeling really bad now!
He knew that he did not deserve to be let off the hook!

What lessons we can learn from that!  How many times does God forgive us when we don’t deserve to be let free?

Or how often do we do things we ought not to be doing, thinking, ‘oh, God will forgive me’?

That policeman is like God in a sense! When we are going down the wrong road, God pulls in behind us, trying to stop us and trying to show us the right way to go! He is always ready and willing to let us go free!

                                                              What a God we serve! 

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